“There is simply no reason to help people who want to stay where they are because if you pick them up and bring them to where you are they will eventually go back to where they were.” Message: About a month ago I stopped by  an intersection and saw a man that was sitting on… Read More »


“The Best Teacher is One Who Has Learned A Lesson!” Message: We all have Trials and tribulations and things in our lives that maybe we didn’t like but we made it through them. The best teacher is one that has been through something, survived it and is willing to share how someone else can either… Read More »

Left or Right?

“If you don’t GET Right, you will GET Left.” Message: I was talking to a friend and we were discussing heaven and hell and the people now who are not taking Jesus serious right now and I said “If they don’t get right they will get left.  The saying was surprisingly so quick to come… Read More »


“When you think about being something, it is then that you can become it.” Message:  The moment you begin to think of something, that is the very time that you should continue to put that thought in motion.  Your life venture can begin with the thought of that which you want to become.