Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission


TRUTH AND TRIUMPH MINISTRIES has the honor of connecting people to God, Jesus Christ, and to one another in a loving and caring setting. It is our mission to empower our community to become disciples of God by learning the gospels and practicing his word.

The word “church” originates from the word “gathering” or “to gather”. This is why we so strongly cling to the notion that the church is not a building or a structure, but rather, the church is actually the believers themselves. We aim to maintain and foster a comfortable environment for our congregation to gather, build relationships, demonstrate love and share their knowledge. We believe that the Lord Almighty rewards those who take time out of each day to show their gratitude through prayer and spirituality.


Here at Truth & Triumph Ministries we want everyone to obtain a divine grace in this house of God. We strive for everyone to receive a new life Spirit while learning here at this truth Ministry. This Christian Covenant House of Praise has Jesus as the center of the Living Word. Here you will obtain a fresh start for your soul that would encourage you to stay humble in order to reach the goal that God has for your life. You will also be taught the truth and shown how you can obtain your deliverance so that you can triumph in your life like that of the Phoenix. We are here to help you start your new day of His Amazing Grace while learning in this house of Grace. Here at God's House, Christ Alone is our bread of life through him we obtain God's daily fresh manna. Truth & Triumph Ministries is a great ministry where we learn the word of knowledge in Christian Ministry. We come together to learn the truth. Our Assembly of God is here for a new vision. We are a new United Tribe with an open house for everyone!

Our Vision

Our Vision is for everyone to know the bible for themselves.  To study the word of God and understand his messages and to take the word of God to all others and have them teach it to others so that all can know the word for themselves so that everyone's lives can be saved by Christ and that all will give their hearts, souls and minds to Jesus Christ and to His works.  Our vision is that all will be saved and that all will have the knowledge, vision, love and true understandings of God the Father, Jesus Christ his son and his precious Holy Spirit; THE TRINITY, THREE IN ONE!