Topics: Faith

Topics: Faith

Armor of God

December 4, 2016

Do you ever wonder why your prayers may not be answered? The Armor of God will help to get those prayers answered! You have to be wearing the Armor correctly and if you want more Powerful and Effective prayers then learn of the” Prayers of a Righteous Man”, found in James 5:16. This scripture fits well with the meaning of the Armor of God. Start getting those prayers answered!

Jesus Will Work It Out!

November 13, 2016

How do we keep our faith strong? There are things in life that we may question. Like when is God going to answer; and so on… In life people do begin to question God. In times of trouble people question why things are happening to them and people may also ask themselves “what could I have done to make sure this did not happen in my life”. So there are many things that come into question BUT there is a reason and a way to try to make life more enjoyable, fulfilled, secured, and more stress free!