Why we are here…

Why we are here…

Has anyone every told you not to come back to their church?

Have people in church made you feel unwanted?

Do you feel like church is no longer a happy place to attend?

Have you left church and are considering not coming back?

Well we at Truth and Triumph Ministries want to STOP all of that!

Truth and Triumph Ministries is praying daily for people to COME BACK to church!

One of our goals here at Truth and Triumph Ministries is to help people who have been hurt in church.  We know people may have been misunderstood, overlooked and possibly made fun of and that’s not what church is meant to be and it is totally unacceptable especially in the house of our God!

At Truth and Triumph Ministries we seek ways to heal those who have been hurt in church.  We want to get them back into church and then have them to help others from possibly going thru the same type of hurt they went thru.  Our philosophy is each one help one and together we can do our very best to stop church hurt and find ways to get people back into God’s house which is the church and get them back to seeking God’s True Love!  Come visit Truth and Triumph Ministries and see what we were all about.  We are a new ministry just starting out and we want this ministry to grow leaps and bounds and we need you to help us do that.

You can help us stop church hurt by contacting us to let us know what you have experienced and then allow our ministry to work with you to find ways to stop people from being hurt in church ministries.

Call us today by dialing 770-299-2513 you can also send us a text to the same number or you can email us at .

You can also find more information about our ministry by visiting our website www.TruthandTriumphMinistries.org.

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